A space entirely dedicated to you, where you can find, 7 days a week, everything you need for your garden. Come to visit us. Bring your family. We look forward to your visit!


We have a garden with more than a hectare, open 7 days a week, disposed between covered and open air areas, thematic areas and a shop, where you will find everything you need for your garden!

Ornamental plants, soil and decorative stones, through the vases and gardening accessories, lighting, ponds, etc we have a world for you to discover. And thinking about your family, we have two playgrounds (indoor and out-door), for you to enjoy all this environment.

FlorÓbidos Garden Center is more than a shop; it is a place to meet and mingle, study visits, child day care, training, leisure and cultural events. These make this your space too.

In the Garden Center you have also access to all the information about the services performed by Floróbidos, ensuring an open door every day to help you.